💡 Installing the pls executable currently requires the Deno CLI version 1.29.2 or higher to be installed. This requirement will be removed once the preview period is over.

To install the Platformscript interpreter on your system, run the following:

$ deno install -A

This will install the pls executable on your path, which you can confirm by running

$ pls --version

Once you have pls installed, you can use it to run PlatformScript programs.

To try it out, create a file called welcome.yaml and paste the following text into it:

Welcome to PlatformScript!

You can now use pls to execute PlatformScript programs. To do this we use the run command. Try it out in your console with the file you just created.

$ pls run welcome.yaml

💡By default, the result of evaluating a PlatformScript value is itself. Hence the program to print out "Welcome to PlatformScript" is nothing more than the YAML string Welcome to PlatformScript!

What's happening here is that the pls run command is evaluating the PlatformScript module contained in the file welcome.yaml. But modules can be located anywhere adressable by a URL, not just on the local filesystem. For example, you can run run the preceding example online with the command:

$ pls run
Welcome to PlatformScript!