PlatformScript is a declarative, statically typed, secure, and embeddable programming language that uses 100% pure YAML as its syntax.

Features at a Glance.

  • Uses lexically scoped variables to bind values names to values and reference them later.
  • Functions are first class citizens. They can even be bound to variables and passed to other functions for higher order programming.
  • Fluent templating allows building strings with any set of PlatformScript expressions, not just simple substitutions.
  • Define new syntactic forms with PlatformScript itself using macros.
  • Compose programs with an elegant module system for sharing code based on simple URLs.
  • Native extensions expose new functionality with any language that can be compiled to WASM
  • Powerful execution model based on structured concurrency prevents leaked resources by default.


PlatformScript is designed to eliminate the bugs, validation errors, and tedium of working with YAML by bringing to bear all the rigor and tooling of a modern language such as type-checkers, language servers, linters, etc...

It will always use plain YAML without extensions as it syntax, so that all PlatformScript programs can be represented as YAML documents, and it adopts a policy of "no magic" as in no magic functions, no magic variables, and a small, consistent set of evaluation rules.

PlatformScript should always be an excellent choice to replace configuration files and special one-off DSLs, especially those that use YAML for their syntax.

Built with Deno

PlatformScript is built with Deno, but more than that, it adopts Deno's system of thinking about developer experience; especially as it pertains to modules and code sharing.